How to use the app to make money

How to use the app to make money


Everyone’s help app is a software that helps increase downloads and registrations of all apps on the entire network, and helps people earn rewards. Vote, repost, and like for others. Both can earn bounty. The bounty is from a few maes to more than one hundred per order. I usually do it when I have nothing to do. A quick two minutes, a slow five minutes, more than ten yuan, more than twenty yuan, a day of three to five orders can make about fifty to sixty. You can also post a reward yourself, others will help you with tasks, and you will give others money

Totoro crowdsourcing app, this is a software for data labeling and data collection. Simply put, it is to take photos according to the tasks he gave, take pictures of characters, take location scenes, record and read sentences, etc. The characters are simple, including adults and children. , I usually take my children to record English short sentences, which can be regarded as a parent-child character. On average, every single is eight yuan, one single two minutes to complete, (I do less of this one)

Doumi app, this is actually a recruitment software. You can do part-time or full-time job. The part-time job you can do is no different from the above two models. It also includes labeling, recording, downloading and registration!

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