The road to entrepreneurship of the eldest brother next door after graduating from junior high school

The road to entrepreneurship of the eldest brother next door after graduating from junior high school


The brother next door is the first in our village to start a factory from wage earners to self-made.

When he was young, he was our king of children. He took us to fish in the river, bathe, and sow in the fields together. Later, when he grew up, he was the father of four children and founded his own factory. I jokingly called him "Mr. Zhang".

Although Mr. Zhang is the richest man in our village, he is a junior high school graduate. He was in the second grade of junior high school. His mother went to sell him food to raise tuition, but because the price was cheap, he didn’t make a deal. He went to school and moved his desk back in anger. I dropped out of school. Because of this, he and his mother still cried. Mr. Zhang's performance was very good and his family gave him a lot of hope. However, he was poor and his father was sick. He just took medicine to sell eggs, pigs and sheep. The pocket money that came down was used up. Moreover, he was not the only one who had good grades at that time but was forced to drop out of school!

In the villages in 1995, people had just become rich and had a bit of food and savings, but most families could not easily afford the annual tuition fee of 500 or 600. This year, Mr. Zhang was admitted to junior high school with a high score (there was no nine-year compulsory education at that time, and the junior high school required an exam), but when the school started, he was worried. August was the time to purchase fertilizer and seeds in the fall. There is no money left to pay the tuition. So, Mr. Zhang and I rode to our aunt's house ten kilometers away to borrow money. I still remember the scene deeply. The aunt said: "Our family has no money to borrow you to go to school." After saying a few words, the two of us went back in despair. To reward me, Mr. Zhang went to town and bought two popsicles for me to eat.

Junior high school graduating brother next door's tens of millions of entrepreneurship road 1

Over the years, this kind of memory lingered. Back then, my mother also reached out to borrow money from relatives for tuition fees. That feeling was so embarrassing and helpless.

Fortunately, Mr. Zhang was clever and smart, and then went to a motorcycle shop in the county as an apprentice, and he had a good job, but his income was limited. In 2000, there was a great wave of migrant workers going south, and a large number of underage youths in Zhang Zonghe village "went south" and wandered around in various electronics factories in Shenzhen.

Shenzhen in 2000 was a golden age everywhere, but for Mr. Zhang, the opportunity was within reach, but he just couldn't grasp it. No education, no background, no funds, even if he has ideas, he can only think about it. He has been a workshop director and a factory director, and he is considered to be a leader among young working people.

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