earn money online Buy low-priced second-hand books. When you go to a second-hand bookstore or thrift store, bring a mobile phone or PDA with a scanner to scan the ISBN number of the book there, and then go to a website such as Amazon to check the price of the book there. . When you see a good price (although it won't happen often, but the process is fast, so you won't wait too long), buy it, and then sell it online.earn money online  Be quiet when doing this, because the shop owner may not like you doing it.

Shop for bargains at household thrift stores and thrift stores. earn money online If you are more knowledgeable in a particular field (such as Tuxque’s Mexican silverware, action movie figures, classic National Geographic magazine, etc.) or just know the quality, then go to those private stores early, you can often I found an unexpected bargain.

earn money online Go to the police auction. You can find incredible value-for-money goods here. Although some vehicles involved in serious cases may not be re-sold, you may still find fine and cheap jewelry, and buyers will be very happy to buy from you earn money online .

Renovate worn-out furniture. If you have paint thinner, sandpaper, fuel, and some technical skills,earn money online  you can buy some worn-out furniture to refurbish, and then resell it at a high price.

earn money online Recycle damaged wood. Wooden bottom rows and bottom row items are usually very cheap (or even free), and they are easy to find. Go to construction sites, community colleges, renovation sites, or logistics warehouses to find untreated wood, plan them flat, and/or use a homemade dryer to dry them, so that the intact parts of the wood can be revealed. Then you can sell the wood as it is, or make it into beautiful furniture. earn money online  (Be sure to advertise that the wood is "recycled" because people are often willing to pay more for such products.)

earn money online Resell a house or apartment. If you are a craftsman who knows how to design,earn money online  understand the selling points of house construction, and have a good deal of fun, then you can consider buying, renovating and reselling real estate. This requires a lot of start-up capital and is hard work, but the rewards will be great.